Fergie Rides The New York City Subway And It Will Never Be The Same

No one has ever been happier to take the subway -- in an all-white suit.

“I still go to Taco Bell / drive through, raw as Hell / I don’t care, I’m still real,” Fergie, perhaps the most overlooked lyricist of our time, sings in her song “Glamorous.”

Well, we should have believed her then, because the former Black Eyed Peas singer pretty much flew the opposite of first class when she rode the New York City subway on Tuesday night.

For most people, a subway commute is spent mindlessly staring at a phone. But for Fergie, it was an Instagram-worthy adventure. She hilariously documented her descent surrounded, of course, by a team of bodyguards, as she made her way to the Paley Honors gala.

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An Armageddon-like thunderstorm sent New Yorkers scrambling underground to escape the weather (and the insane traffic). As a woman of the people, Fergie did the same, except she was clad in an all-white suit.

“So we’re taking the subway because a tropical storm hit New York,” she explained on social media. “And then we had to get from Columbus Circle to Cipriani Wall Street in a full white suit, check it out, August Getty. And uh, yeah, through the rain! And we’re gonna go to the Paley Honors, and I’m the first presenter, so here we go!”

Commuters slowly began to catch on that the Duchess herself was riding along with them, prompting one to play her song “Glamorous” on a phone. Fergie, predictably, started singing along.

Unlike pretty much everybody else in the city, she did make it to her destination on time, posing for pictures on the red carpet later in the evening.

Fergie attends the 2018 Paley Honors at Cipriani Wall Street.
Fergie attends the 2018 Paley Honors at Cipriani Wall Street.
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