Fergie By Wet ‘n' Wild Makeup Collection Will Be Totally Fergalicious

Fergie's New Wet ‘n' Wild Makeup Collection Is Oh So Fergalicious

If you were wondering what Fergie's been up to lately (we know you were), turns out she's been plotting an expansion of her beauty empire.

Women's Wear Daily reports that the singer is launching a color cosmetics line with Wet ‘n' Wild, the drugstore beauty brand that already hosts her nail polish collection. Fergie became Wet ‘n' Wild's Global Beauty Ambassador in February 2012 and has been rolling out products bearing her name ever since, including the latest grouping of primer, eyeliner, lip gloss and other makeup staples.

What's the collection like? WWD actually writes that the products "allude to the songstress’ 'Fergalicious' life" (seriously) so we can only imagine... well, not really. We were never quite sure what being "Fergalicious" entailed.

But we'll find out in February when we can pick up a slice of Fergaliciousness at our local Walgreens for just $3.49-5.99. (We forgot how wonderfully cheap Wet ‘n' Wild is!)

Read more at WWD.com and in the comments let us know: do you still wear Wet ‘n' Wild makeup?

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See how Fergie's style has changed:


Fergie's Style Evolution

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