Ferguson, Missouri Protest Of Michael Brown Death Swarmed By SWAT Team

Scores of SWAT officers swarmed Ferguson, Missouri, where unrest has broken out this week in the wake of a teenager's death.

Michael Brown, a black teenager, was unarmed when he was shot and killed by a police officer. The DOJ announced that it would look into allegations of racism and police brutality. The police officer's identity has not been released.

HuffPost's Ryan Reilly reported that a SWAT team of at least 70 people showed up the apparently peaceful demonstration. According to Reilly, cops told protesters to leave the area.

"This is not open for discussion," one officer said.

Police tactics during the unrest following the shooting have been criticized as over-aggressive. Earlier this week, cops used rubber bullets and tear gas against demonstrators, some of whom have been accused of looting.

Below are photos and videos of the scene, courtesy of Reilly.