Ferrero Rocher Recipes Are Perfectly Decadent (PHOTOS)

Don't just eat them, bake with them.

We all get a lot of crappy gifts during the holiday season. From cheap perfumes to dollar-store candles, gift giving has gotten pretty grim. But the gift we never mind receiving is Ferrero Rocher chocolate. This crunchy and creamy chocolate-hazelnut candy, though available year round, makes a bold appearance this time of year -- and we like it.

We know that Ferrero Rocher -- a Nutella lover's chocolate of choice -- is decadant enough as it is, though we couldn't help but up the ante. We found cupcakes, cheesecakes and tarts that use feature this hazelnut chocolate.

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Ferrero Rocher Cheesecake

Ferrero Rocher Recipes

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