Ferrets Bite Baby's Face; Parents: 'It's Not Our Fault'

Two Pennsylvania parents face charges after their pet ferrets ate part of their baby's face.

The 1-month-old child was left unattended in a car seat downstairs in the family's Darby home last Thursday when three ferrets viciously attacked the child.

NBC Philadelphia reports that the baby girl's nose, upper lip, and cheek were all eaten by the animals.


The parents, 42-year-old Burnie Fraim and his fiancee, 24-year-old Jessica Benales, have both been charged with five counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

In an interview with CBS Philly, Fraim attempted to deflect some of the blame .

“It’s not our fault. We didn’t do it, the animals did it,” Fraim told the station. “This little mistake happened. I wish it never did happen, but it happened.”

In a press conference, Darby Borough Police Chief Robert Smythe expressed his disgust at the incident.

"This is the most horrific thing I have seen happen to a child in 45 years in this town," Smythe said.

The chief said conditions in the home were deplorable, lacking food and infested with insects. Fraim said he has five children total, all with special needs.

Fraim said he was sleeping at the time of the attack.

"The baby looked like, um, like it didn’t have a face,” the father told CBS Philly.

The child is in stable condition, according to the Associated Press.

The three ferrets were tested for rabies and euthanized.

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