Festival Winner Dinner

Last night we had a fun dinner at my home celebrating the winners of the February HuffPost/AOL Contagious Festival. People's Choice Award winner Vance Lehmkuhl (who had flown in from Philadelphia, where he is the online editor at the Daily News), quickly bonded with the Jury Prize winner -- actor, singer Paul Hipp. After dinner the winners teamed up for a musical jam session with Vance on piano, Paul singing and playing guitar, and Blow Out executive producer Rob Lee on harmonica -- with Contagious Festival judge John Cusack and the L.A. HuffPost editorial team singing along.

Rob, Paul and Vance

Clockwise from left: Mia Babalis, Paul, John Cusack, HuffPost Editor Roy Sekoff, Vance and Arianna

Front row, left to right: Vance, Paul, Arianna and John. Back row: Marja Adriance, Mia, Romi Lassally and Roy