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Festive Platters: A Feast for the Eyes

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Whether it's for Diwali or for Christmas, why not put together your own fruit and treats platter for the upcoming feasts? It's all about how you present it, the way you put it together and how glamourous it looks. Here's a few tips:


1. The more that you can fit on the plate the better, so if you have less, then choose a smaller plate.
2. A mango always works well as a centerpiece - it stands out so beautifully. Add some berries or chunky fruits under the mango so it stands up a little and jumps out from the crowd.
3. Make some date and nut butter balls into lollipops, dip them in chocolate and whichever toppings you want. For a festive feel, I've dipped them in coconut flakes.
4. Break up a bar of any chocolate you like - I prefer dark chocolate (Green & Blacks always works well, or any of the Ombar chocolates) - and place a few pieces on the side or scatter through the plate.
5. A couple of kiwis add a deliciously green warmth to the plate, but you can always add a few grapes.
6. Scatter a few mint leaves or pomegranates for extra color and jazz.
7. Add some treats - I've previously added my different products, the Coco Fudge, Spice Bites and small shot glasses of Chai Chia. You can always add some readymade healthy sweet treats, or can make your own ones at home. Here's a few ideas - Raw Mocha Flapjacks, Oaty fudge bites with ginger, Raw superfood millionaire's shortbread