Festivus Creator Doesn't Want Rand Paul To Celebrate It

It's a Festivus for the rest of us -- who aren't the presidential hopeful, that is.

The "Seinfeld" writer who coined "Festivus" wants Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) to stop tweeting about his beloved secular holiday.

"I've been tweeting back at him," Dan O'Keefe told HuffPost Live on Wednesday. "I hate the guy. I think he's some sort of lizard that somehow crawled into a suit and somehow's been allowed into the senate."

Fueling O'Keefe's disdain is the knowledge that if his father were still alive today, he'd be particularly upset to see Paul capitalizing on the inclusive holiday, which started as an O'Keefe family tradition and dates back to the mid 1960s.

"My father was a strong 1950s-era Liberal Democrat and he despised the reactionary nature of today's Republican party," he said. "I lost it when I saw that Rand Paul, who my dad did strongly dislike before he died, was using my dad's holiday as a way to make warmed-over 10-year-old talking points."

Though trolling him on Twitter hasn't worked, O'Keefe hopes Paul will remove himself from all things Festivus.

"I strongly dislike when elected officials, with whom I strongly disagree, try to co-opt a family holiday of mine for ... immoral purposes that hurt our nation," he said.

To add insult to injury, Rand Paul isn't the only GOP nominee jumping on the Festivus bandwagon.

Watch more from Dan O'Keefe's HuffPost Live conversation here.

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