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Festivus Recipes: 10 Seinfeld-Inspired Foods

You can probably name December's top four holidays: Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's Eve and Kwanzaa. But what about ... Festivus? The unabashedly weird holiday was made famous in a 1997 Seinfeld episode and has gained popularity ever since, even inspiring a 131-page book.

If you choose to celebrate Festivus, you get to break free from the Christmas hoopla on December 23 and do whatever you feel like -- it's the anti-holiday holiday. And this carefree spirit applies to the party food, too: for Festivus, you can serve whatever you darn well please!

To inspire you, we compiled the top 10 funny food moments from Seinfeld (plus corresponding recipes!) to help you throw your own Festivus bash with a menu celebrating the legendary series. Pretzels? Mulligatawny soup? A big salad? Who cares if it doesn't go together -- that's the beauty of Festivus!

But first: three suggestions for a "traditional" Festivus gathering, according to George's father Frank Costanza:

1. Hold an airing of grievances, in which Festivus party attendees vent about what bugs them, mostly about each other.

2. Make guests perform feats of strength, preferably by wrestling each other. (Best episode quote? "Stop crying and fight your father!")

3. Display an unadorned aluminum pole instead of a glitzy tree or a menorah. Tinsel is verboten! (And if you feel like wasting a few bucks, you can even buy your own Festivus pole nowadays.)

Now, on to the recipes!

What's your favorite food moment from Seinfeld? Leave us a comment below!

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