Watch Fetty Wap Shower New Jersey Mall Shoppers With $2,000

We imagine he said something like, "Hey, what's up, hello. Who wants some money?"

Shoppers in a New Jersey mall got quite the surprise when rapper Fetty Wap showed up and decided to make it rain. Literally. 

The "Trap Queen" singer was shopping in the Garden State Plaza in Paramus on Saturday when he proceeded to throw $2,000 over a balcony to screaming fans and onlookers. 

A few people managed to catch the action on camera and tweeted out videos to their followers. One fan couldn't believe her luck, saying she felt "blessed to have gotten one of those dollars.

The rapper later tweeted that he was just so happy to be shopping with his daughter, he felt compelled to spread some of his wealth. 

"Never no [sic] who needed it," he wrote. 


CORRECTION: This article previously stated that Fetty Wap showered shoppers with money on Sunday, when this beautiful moment actually happened on Saturday, Nov. 21. 

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