Fickes Family Reportedly Kicked Off Plane For Having Too Many Young Children (VIDEO)

A family flying from Charlotte, N.C. to Chicago on U.S. Airways was reportedly asked to get off the plane for traveling with too many small children.

Kathy and Jason Fickes were traveling with their four children: a 3-year-old, two 20-month-old twins and an 8-month old, and bought three tickets from the airline's website, ABC Chicago reports. The airline does not require tickets for children under two.

The Fickes told the Charlotte Observer that no one in security or at the gate said anything about the number of tickets they had purchased, but that once they got on the plane, with one of the twins seated with their toddler and the other two children in their laps, a flight attendant asked one of the parents to switch seats, citing the limited number of oxygen masks in each row.

Later, an attendent told the family that their 20-month-old had to sit with an adult instead of the 3-year-old, and another passenger volunteered. But moments before takeoff, Kathy Fickes says they were asked to exit the plane.

"What we had here was a case that the math didn't add up," Michelle Mohr, a U.S. Airways spokesman told ABC. She says the airline's policies are clearly explained on their website. "You had two adults who wanted to travel with three lap children. The safety regulations are such that you have to have one child per one adult."

The family canceled their trip and decided to stay home for the holidays, they told the Observer. U.S. Airways has offered to refund their tickets.