Fidel Castro: Hosni Mubarak's 'Fate Is Sealed'

Fidel Castro: Egyptian President's 'Fate Is Sealed'

Fidel Castro has joined the ranks of world leaders to comment on Egypt's deadly anti-government violence, going so far as to suggest that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is finished.

The 84-year-old former dictator took to his blog Feb. 3, offering the following words on the beleaguered African nation and its leader:

Mubarak's fate is sealed, not even the support of the United States will be able to save his government. The people of Egypt are an intelligent people with a glorious history who left their mark on civilization. "From the top of these pyramids, 40 centuries of history are looking down upon us," Bonaparte once said in a moment of exaltation when the revolution brought him to this extraordinary crossroads of civilizations.

Castro went on to call the death of Abdel Nasser, Mubarak's predecessor, an "irreversible setback for Egypt," before a bizarre series of cut-and-pasted news segments on the Egyptian protests. True to form, he also couldn't resist a jab at the U.S., also noting, "United States [sic] never stopped conspiring against the Arab world."

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