Fidelity Fires Four for Playing Fantasy Football : MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer December 17, 2009

Fidelity Investments recently fired four employees in Texas for participating in a $20 fantasy football league. While Cameron Pettigrew, one of the men fired for being part of the fantasy league, believes the decision is a "complete overreaction," the company is standing tall in its defense, noting "We have clear policies that relate to gambling. Participation in any form of gambling through the use of Fidelity time or equipment or any other company resource is prohibited." While similar, albeit more high profile cases have come up in recent years, particularly that of former Washington University football coach Rick Neuheisel who was fired for betting on college basketball tournament. Fidelity became aware of Mr. Pettigrew's fantasy league play by monitoring his email account, which should serve as a reminder to everyone that emails sent from your company email account are not private.

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