Field of Flags: Lives Lost, Honored, Remembered

Field of Flags: Lives Lost, Honored, Remembered

From a field above the Pacific bluff in Malibu, California to a churchyard on Chebeague Island, Maine and places in between: American flags placed in columns and rows, each representing an American life lost, in silent remembrance to the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice to their country. Currently the Flag tribute can be viewed in Patriots Park in Clarksville, TN, Greenfield Congregational Church in Fairfield, CT, Oxford United Methodist Church in Oxford, CT and on Highway 57 in Wanamingo Minnesota among other local displays.

Field of Flags leaves a profound effect on those touched by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Each flag placed one by one by volunteers, until the final number is reached. Dedications and services serve as a poignant reminder of the cost of war. As of June 30th 2011: 6,436 flags are needed to fill the field, and sadly, the number continues to grow.

The number of American flags placed continues to increase as the days, weeks, months and years continue to claim the lives of men and woman half a world away. The display can take your breath away, guests & visitors from nearby and states away walk near the display, stop, reflect, speak quietly, pray and share the moment, realizing it is not just one flag representing a fatality but their family and friends left behind. For their loved ones this patriotic display serves as a reminder that we will never forget.

In Connecticut, the "Field of Flags" was dedicated in October 2005 at the Somers Congregational Church in Somers, Connecticut with 2,231flags placed in tight rows. Since then, other churches requested a Field of Flags display, two woman volunteers, Jo-Ann Hornyak and Anne Kirkpatrick from Somers Congregational Church created a Field of Flags Ministry Team, assisting host sites with flags, placement, and a board with each American fatality by name, rank, state as the display travels throughout New England towns, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Florida, Virginia, Delaware and beyond. Booked for 2011, they are now taking requests for 2012.

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Photo Credit/ Amelia West