Fierce Grace -- Women on the Move

Have you noticed that the "woman thing" is everywhere? More women's conferences are popping up around the globe, there is an explosion of women entrepreneurs, women's organizations within corporations, Lean In communities, studies showing the economic advantages of having more women on boards and in the C-suite, and a demand for more women in tech. What's this "woman thing" really all about?

Women are on the move in the world in a way that cannot be overlooked or denied. This huge feminine movement is rising like a tidal wave of change and it is NOT about equality, it is the divine feminine taking her place at all levels in human evolution, healing, and enlightenment. It is time to move to higher frequencies and thought. The divine feminine is way more than a spiritual concept and it is happening at every level of societies and around the globe today.

What is the divine feminine?

The divine feminine is the goddess in all traditions, and has been since the beginning of time. These traditions are a mystical, magical, powerful, part of primal Mother Earth. They symbolize balance and healing, renewal and restoration. There is a reason we call it "Mother Earth" and no one has ever disputed the term and tried to call it "Father Earth" ... are you with me? The divine feminine represents the call for grace.

Often when we hear the word "grace" we think of something flowing and beautiful like a ballerina. A ballerina is pure grace, but her grace is only possible because of her strength and it emanates from her core. She is fiercely strong and therefore graceful!

The 21st century feminist is Fierce Grace, she is inspiration in action.

The feminine energy in all of us represents nurturing, empathy, collaboration, compassion, and intuition. We own that as women, we have it going on, we possess emotional intelligence already. The masculine energy represents taking action, it is linear, analytical, and logical and is about bringing ideas into fruition. The masculine and feminine energy is in all of us, men and women. It has nothing to do with sexual orientation or how we dress, but it has everything to do with finding masculine and feminine balance or the yin & yang within each of us as individuals, which ultimately creates greater balance in the work place and the world. Women will have to lead the initiation of the masculine and feminine balance.

Grace is finding strength to face our fears, take action and realizing every challenge is a gift to make us stronger, more conscious, and more alive.

Taking action is critical and needed, but it is only half of the equation. When taking action comes from a desire to win and from the ego's need for power and not from a deeper purpose and caring about the greater good, then it is not inspired action. When action is taken to serve, uplift others, create impact for the greater good, then it is truly Inspired Action.

So, the "woman thing" is about Strength & Grace. When women give birth to their authentic voice, mission, and message and share it by taking action in the world, Fierce Grace is upon us.

Feminine Leadership is Fierce Grace, the shift that will transform the way we all work, lead, and live.

Technology was my former professional career and it is one of the most explosive ways women are invoking Fierce Grace in the world. My talk "The Confidence Gap" has been accepted to the 2015 Voices Conference held the week of International Women's Day (March 8-13, 2015). Women in tech from around the globe will convene virtually to talk about cool technology and issues on a regional, national and international level. Cutting edge speakers in leadership development will offer professional sessions and this is an opportunity to network with women in every corner of the globe.

I hope you will join me and register today! It's free and all you need is internet access to join.