EA Sports Employee Created A Real Life Version Of The FIFA Video Game

Marius Hjerpseth, an employee at EA Sports, took it upon himself to create a real life version of the FIFA video game much of the world knows and loves. We’ve seen plenty of videos where people try to make a real life version of a video game, but this is one is done especially well. Watch as EA Athletic battles EA United complete with commentary from Martin Tyler, player icons, celebrations, camera angles and more which are taken straight out of FIFA.

Apparently Hjerpseth sent an internal email seeing if anyone would want to participate in his experiment and he received roughly 70 responses. He adds that most of what occurs in the video took place in an actual game, but he edited and added to the actual game played by the employees to create this little masterpiece.

Awesome stuff. This raises the bar for all future real life video game attempts.

(H/T SB Nation)