Who's Who? The Faces Behind ‘The Fifth Estate' (INFOGRAPHIC)

Infamous the world over, the name Julian Assange has become synonymous with controversy.

As the man at the center of DreamWorks’ The Fifth Estate, Assange's larger-than-life story adapted for the big screen tells of how one man's defiance of the status quo (and law) turned into a collective quest for truth.

And if the name Julian Assange doesn't ring a bell, perhaps a few of Hollywood's up-and-coming stars bringing the story to life will. Featuring British export Benedict Cumberbatch (of BBC’s Hawking, Sherlock, and Star Trek: Into Darkness), as well as the new Dr. Who himself, Peter Capaldi, check out the graphic below for an introduction to some of the big names that are only getting bigger.

And don't forget to catch The Fifth Estate, in theaters Oct. 18.

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