Ally Brooke Hernandez Drops Hints About Fifth Harmony's New Album

New music? YES PLEASE.

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The ladies of Fifth Harmony have been all over the news following Camila Cabello’s exit, but the remaining foursome are working on a new album and touring the world, so get ready! 

In an exclusive interview with Teen Vogue, Ally Brooke Hernandez dished on the group’s upcoming projects and revealed what the future holds for Harmonizers. For the group’s third album, the ladies are not only singing but also getting involved in the writing process.

Hernandez shared that she’s very happy with how this new project is coming along, saying, “We haven’t been able to ever write before on an album. So, this is very great for us to be able to express ourselves.”

Although the album is still apparently in the early stages of production, Hernandez does have a wish list of artists she would love to collaborate with. For starters, “Nicki Minaj is definitely somebody that we love. [...] Her mind is so creative; we would love to work with her.” She’s also a big fan of the “brilliant” Bruno Mars. 

Catch the full Teen Vogue interview here

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