Fifth Harmony Is Devoted To Promoting Feminism '100 Percent'

Fifth Harmony Is Devoted To Promoting Feminism '100 Percent'

Fifth Harmony cites feminism as strongly influencing their work, with their music video for "Bo$$" depicting several scenarios of female empowerment. But that's only where the girl group's commitment to spreading gender equality starts.

In a conversation with HuffPost Live on Monday, band member Lauren Jauregui explained that the group considers feminism to be "definitely important just as a concept, because it's by definition the political and economic and social equality of the sexes."

And that's something the group is promoting "100 percent," especially by leading through example.

"A huge part of [feminism], I think, is the coming together of women," Jauregui told host Nancy Redd. "[It's] supporting each other and not breaking each other down, and kind of sending out that message and making sure women know that doing this together is going to be so much more effective than trying to tear each other down."

If women stand together and adopt the camaraderie that Fifth Harmony looks to embody, the group is confident that options for ladies are endless, and we'll see more women "being powerful and being strong and being able to be successful in whatever division they want to be successful in," according to Jauregui.

Check out Fifth Harmony's newest album Reflection, out now.

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