Lauren Jauregui Wants Fifth Harmony's Diversity To Empower Girls

"Some of our songs are empowering, but I feel like more so than our music, it’s who we are."

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In an interview with Nylon, Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui shares her thoughts on politics, feminism and her experience at the Women’s March on Washington.

Back in November, Jauregui wrote an open letter to Donald Trump supporters, in which she also came out as bisexual. Since then, the singer has not been shy about sharing her political views with her fans and most recently marched alongside thousands in Washington, an experience she called “the most incredible day of my life.” 

When Nylon asked her about Fifth Harmony’s role in society, beyond the music scene, Jauregui explained, “Some of our songs are empowering, but I feel like more so than our music, it’s who we are.” She continued, “We’re four women who are completely different ethnicities, completely different body types, completely different walks of life and opinions.” She goes on to say that she wants the group’s diversity to empower women and encourage fans to celebrate their differences. We sure feel inspired over here!

“We have an energy about us that’s so unique and so intense, and it’s because of how much power we have in us as individuals, being confident, harnessing that power, and wanting to share that with other women.”

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