Fifty First (J)Dates: Fall Fahhshun and What It Means for Your Dating Life.

We are all a bit superficial. But if your date is a terrible dresser -- looking like he or she ripped off a hobo or shopped exclusively at Modell's spandex section -- it's not the end of the world.
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When I'm not moseying around the east coast like a veritable Geraldo Rivera, taking in tales of dating awkwardness from shaken young women, calming them down, blogging their stories, and setting them on their way -- I sometimes write about fashion.

You might notice my love of fashion trickle into my posts. I'm quite the scrunchie and hardtail aficionado, (#ffjd) but yes, I also dooo like actually pretty things! Fancy ones! So let us discuss!

I enlisted the help of my friend Rachel who runs The Style Social blog and Mr. He from Fashion by He. Bloggety blog bloggers blogging together. Blarf.

Anyway, they were kind enough to answer some of my more pressing questions.

1. What trends do you see for Fall and how can you implement these for your date wardrobe?

Rachel: I'm really into the idea of mixing textures for fall. We're talking denim with fur (or faux fur, if you're a tree hugger like me), silk and sequins, corduroy and... Ok, well maybe not corduroy, but you get the point. mixing texture with layers will be ultimately quite date appropriate as you never know if you'll need a jacket for a stroll out on the town, show a little skin for a more sultry night, or to cover it all up if you're the walk of shame type.

He: Military is in, as are high knee socks, and lots of greens.

Make your wardrobe a big melting pot of textures and colors that don't match! Go nuts and wear your jeans with leggins on top and a tee shirt with a long-sleeve shirt under it! (Remember when that was cool?) Basically, throw on some sequins and act like a floozy! I also like wearing poofy vests of faux fur (see: Rachel Zoe) but sometimes these scare boys away, careful.

Also, it looks chic to now be dressed like you're guarding a castle in England.

2. What if your date dresses poorly?

Rachel: If we're talking about dates 1-3, look past it. If you get beyond the third date and he still doesn't get it, it's a problem. You are officially at liberty to try to solve this with helpful hints about what you think he would look great in. You know, pad the ego a little. That is, while doing yourself the favor of creating a well-dressed beau.

He: Dealbreaker. If she can't dress that's a problem for me personally. I want a girl who can look good if we go out. (Editorial Note: Everyone is entitled to his own opinion.)

I also have to say, that yes we are all a bit superficial. But if your date is a terrible dresser - looking like he or she ripped off a hobo or shopped exclusively at Modell's spandex section, it's not the end of the world. It's the easiest thing to change, and actually least important thing about finding a mate (in my opinion.) This is less true for girls, because most guys aren't as attuned to what girls wear, as long as her butt looks good. Which is probably how it should be?

And if your boy is a little rough around the fashion edges, you have an excuse to go shopping!

Tips for taking a boy shopping: be fast, nimble, and show him a boob in the dressing room to keep him from running in the other direction. (But just one.) 3. What the hell is this vomit trend called "Greige"?

Rachel: It sounds like a skin disease, and imagine there's one out there that resembles this color. It's a combination of the colors grey and beige and is mostly showing up in nail color options as this year's nod to earth tones. As you can probably imagine, it is generally unremarkable. If you're going to try it out, I'd suggest pairing a well-draped sweater or top with bold blacks or pops of color so that you don't completely disappear into the background. Now that would be grounds for a date night disaster.

He: Greige sounds like a ridiculous term some moron made up that would never be used by me except to make fun of the word itself. (Touche!)

Can I just say, that if I get one more email from Intermix about how I have to have a $1200 "greige" Nicholas Kirkwood sweater that looks like a moth exploded and then had an affair with a shag rug who molested a knotted sheep, I'm going to scream.

But I do sort of like these "earthy" tones that are grey and beige and taupe and mauve and all sort of look the same. Like barf. Muted barf.

What are your thoughts on "Greige"? What will you be wearing this fall?

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