Camilla Luddington
Camilla Luddington

For over half a decade now, Camilla Luddington has been captivating the attention of fans everywhere on one of the biggest blockbusters on television every Thursday night; the monumental hit from Shonda Rhimes known as Grey's Anatomy. It was the show that started it all from the incredible world known as Shondaland, to the essential addition in Hollywood of colorblind casting, and this exciting actress has been an integral part of ABC's golden show's family. As Dr. Jo Wilson, Luddington's character was initially named by the titular character as "The Most Promising Intern," and the lovely talent quickly fulfilled that promise. In no time, fans everywhere had fallen in love with her, and with a show that is known to change up their characters, she is one that surely can't be replaced.

A large part in that is due to the strength in not only the character, but Luddington as an actress. In many ways, the strong-willed star and her on-screen persona are very much representative of what the show is about as she possesses a bright-eyed open mindedness that is ready to take on the world, while always remaining a perfect combination of both tough as nails and vulnerable. Luddington has no problem putting herself out there on Jo's behalf- or for any character for that matter- and that is because the powerful actress truly believes in what she does and what she says. She believes in what Grey's Anatomy and Shondaland stand for- from colorblind casting, to fighting for women's equality- and she is particularly thrilled to be on a show that respects working mothers so much as she is about to bring a new bundle of joy into the world.

And her adoring fans also couldn't be more thrilled that the delightful actress is about to reproduce, meaning she might be giving the world another young talent to one day watch out for. As the charming star is about to take on motherhood, plus the latter season of Grey's Anatomy, she also looks forward into her career as thinks up what else she could want to do. Having already had a strong background in the tight-knit voice-over community playing roles like Zatanna in Justice League Dark, and Lara Croft in Rise Of The Tomb Raider, and being a huge fan of not only comics and games, but also adding more strong women to the genre, she states that she would love to take on something like that- and it would certainly make her fan-base go wild! The idea of the riveting Grey's Anatomy star taking a role in the upcoming David Ayer film Gotham City Sirens alongside Margot Robbie, portraying someone like Poison Ivy or Catwoman is an extremely exciting thought as she would certainly bring tons of talent and fire to the role. She has a very distinct look that could be compared to a young, British Sophia Loren- a refined bombshell that could play anything from the most graceful woman in the world, to a total vixen- and she would be perfect for one of Gotham's most famous sirens!

With Grey's Anatomy back in full swing and everyone tuning in to watch, the soon to be new mother took some time from planning for her nursery to talk about the hit show, her beloved character, the wonderful fan-base, and what she would love to do in the future. Read on to see what Luddington had to say!

Camilla Luddington
Camilla Luddington

So, "Grey's Anatomy" is now back for the spring stretch of the season. What can fans expect from the show, as well as from Jo?

So, as you saw last episode, the first episode back, we picked up right where we left off that evening that we left off. Jo, Arizona and Bailey go to a maximum security prison and help a teenage girl who is in there for twenty to life give birth. It was such a fun episode to film, as well as watch! There are so many moments where you want to laugh, and also, there are great emotional points as well. So, the next episode after that is still a continuation of them coming from the prison, and all will be revealed of Alex's fate. As far as Jo, you see a continuum of what she is discovering is happening and see an emotional breakdown to what is happening. That's the best way to describe it.

With "Grey's Anatomy," You get to work on a show that has a very devoted fan base with characters that people really love. Can you talk about the fans of the show a bit.

It's truly amazing. We just won The People's Choice Award and we were asked the same question, and one of the things we said is that this is always a surprise to all of us; there are so many different generations that watch our show, and that is something we are so proud of. Mothers and daughters watch our show- everyone. This is crazy- I was at a restaurant, and I was approached by this woman, and I figured that she would say that she loved Grey's Anatomy, but instead she said her son loved the show and that they watched the show together- and he was ten years old! So, I just think that it goes to show the amazing fan-base of the show. They are so passionate, and it's incredible. It's why we're still on the air and our ratings are so high. It's obviously due to Shonda [Rhimes] and the writers, and we are all so proud to be proud of it.

And, of course, you are working with some highly respected people; Ellen Pompeo, Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr., and of course, Shonda Rhimes, can you talk about that a bit?

We are on a twenty four episode show, and I think that means that unlike some cable shows, we are together ten months of the year and there is definitely a camaraderie that forms from that. We have so much respect for one another and it truly is amazing. One thing I'm experiencing right now, while pregnant, is how much respect Shonda and the team have toward working moms- and I think that is sadly rare in this industry. So, I am really happy that she is our showrunner, because that means the women on set that are juggling motherhood and Hollywood really feel that support from her and that they get to do both, and that it's welcome and celebrated.

Another thing that Shonda does is really strive for colorblind casting, which was really very unheard of before "Grey's Anatomy." Can you talk about that a bit?

I may be wrong in saying this, but I heard that Grey's was actually the first show that did that. I might not be right, but that's what I heard when I joined the cast. And what that means is that our cast is so diverse and it really represents what America is, and what the world looks like. I think it's incredible and I hope that more shows do it. I think we're starting to see that change, but it's absolutely amazing that Shonda did start that, but I think all she is doing is simply reflecting back to the audience what they see in their every day life.

You're also a very popular voice actor- a very tight-knit and respected community. You have been awarded for your role of Lara Croat in "Rise Of The Tomb Raider, and you also play Zatanna in "Justice League Dark." Can you talk about why you like voice acting?

[Gushes] What's really fun as a performer is that you're always looking to be challenged in different ways. Tomb Raider is truly a challenge in it of itself in that I had never done motion capture before. What that means is that you're not going to walk on to a set like you ordinarily would, so, you are really pushed to use your imagination and create a world around you as if you're really there. So, I love that character. There aren't too many female leads in video games, and it's amazing to play one that is so iconic and revolutionary that paved the way. And again, just to play in the world of motion capture and what that means in a performance- it challenges you. Also, being part of a cartoon is every actor's dream. Not only do you get to show up in sweat pants to do your job, but, it's so fun to see the end result, and I get to be part of another heroine story. So, both have been in incredible and challenging in their own different ways, and I'm so grateful I get to do all of it!

If they were to ask you to play a live action version of those roles, would you be interested? What would be your dream role, and who in the industry would you love to work with?

Oh, wow, those are many good questions! [Laughs] I would very much love to play a role like Lara Croft. I think to play an action hero role as a female is an incredible opportunity. Before Suicide Squad happened and, of course, the amazing Margot Robbie filled those shoes, I would have loved to play a role like Harley Quinn- that role is just so fun! But she did a fantastic job, and there are so many amazing roles out there of that nature. I would love to play a very dark villain. I feel like they use Brits a lot for villains, so, maybe I can get in on that? [Cracks up] As far as who I would like to work with, that's a hard question as there are so many amazing people out there. Denzel Washington came and directed an episode on Grey's, and that was incredible. To work with him again, especially in front of the camera, that would be amazing- he's iconic and that would be a dream come true.

Side note- there is a movie in development for Margot Robbie called "Gotham City Sirens" where she will be joined by the other famous females villains of the Batman comic series, executive produced by Robbie, and directed by David Ayer.

Oh my God, YES! Now, that would absolutely be my dream come true! To play Poison Ivy or Catwoman in that film would be a total dream, and I would love to work with those very talented people.

And you're expecting your first child. That must be very exciting! What are you doing to anticipate?

What am I doing? [Laughs] I am working non-stop on Grey's Anatomy. So, the nursery that I have to set up is not set up- so, I'm praying that I don't give birth any time soon because I have so much more organizing to do! But, I have been reading a lot of baby books on set, and then I know that once the baby is born a lot of it is throwing caution into the wind and forgetting everything that you've heard, known and read and just being thrown into it. So, I anticipate having no clue, even though I've been trying to get some sort of clue!


Luddington needn't worry- if she tackles motherhood the same way she does everything else in her life, she's sure to have downright super results. First Grey's Anatomy, then motherhood, then let's see this great actress show some girl power in a blockbuster on screen! We're ready, world!

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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