Fifty Shades of -- Wow, I'm a Virgin

Overall, I would say that the movie had more of an effect on me than the book. I believe that actually seeing what Christian does to Anna on the big screen, compared to just reading it in the comfort of your own home, was a wild, and I'll admit, steamy experience.
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Christian Grey.

Do guys like him even exist?

We may never know, but he's probably what T-Swift would call a "nightmare dressed like a daydream."

Let's be real, he's a nightmare I'd have any night.

When the Fifty Shades of Grey book became a phenomenon, my mom and sister jumped on the bandwagon and both read it immediately. I didn't have the desire to read it. So, I didn't read it.

When the time came, and I had decided that I actually wanted to read it, I was about 17. My mom had told me she didn't think I should read it. I laughed. Was it that explicit? Or shall I say -- too steamy?

I listened to her and I waited, for I'm not sure what exact reason, because if I really wanted to read it, I could have. My parents aren't crazy strict. They wouldn't disown me if I even did read the book.

Until recently, I had completely forgotten about the series.

When it was announced that the movie would come out this year on Valentine's Day, I told myself, "I would need to read the first book by the time the movie was released."

About two months ago, I decided to read it. I mean, I basically had to; I was running out of precious time.

I downloaded a digital copy of the book and started reading. In the back of my head I pictured my mom telling me how she didn't think I should read it. I giggled. Oh, how wrong was she. Nothing had changed; I'm still the same naïve virgin I was three years ago.

Being a 19-year-old college student -- let alone a girl -- I've heard my fair share of hookups, first times and bad date stories from friends, coworkers and even strangers. So I feel like nothing in this book would be too much.

When I finished the book, I immediately started the next in the series.

It was THAT good.

I don't know what it was. Was I seduced by the idea of a wealthy good-looking man taking care of your every need or was it the fantasy of a good-looking dream guy bringing an innocent virgin girl (what I'd like to think is me) into his wild BDSM playroom and changing her life? Who knows? I sure as hell don't.

I'd be lying if I said the book didn't alter my virgin mind.

In the book, Anna was (keyword: was) a virgin before meeting Christian. Maybe that's what got me in the book. Anna was a college student, virgin and hadn't really dated, if you're not catching on -- that's kind of my situation here.

The idea of BDSM is not something that you can accept overnight. I think for me, it's because I'm still in that state of mind where when I think of being "punished" or "spanked," I still think of my mom throwing her chancla at me from across the living room.

What was going to be shown, and how it was going to be shown, was a constant thought in my mind, and probably for every other person who read the book.

As the release date was approaching, we would just have to see for ourselves. I had gotten some mixed reviews about the movie from some friends, but I would have to decide if it was "disgusting" or "hot and steamy."

As I arrived to the theater I expected a line because it was Valentines day, but damn -- I have never felt so single in my life.

Not one, but TWO lines were on the side of the theater, and consisted of nothing but couples. I know this because I observed, and I observed well.

I, being proudly single on V-day, went with my two best friends for a G.N.O. (girls night out).

Part of me felt sad for all the men who looked like they were dragged there by their significant others who had wanted to see it. But, the other side of me was like:



Without spoiling the movie, I must say: Jamie Dornan, you are beautiful.

I would have to agree with some that say the movie is "hot and steamy," and also disagree with those who were not fans of the sex scenes.

Though the sex scenes aren't your typical rom-com scene, even little virgin me didn't think they were THAT explicit. At first, I'll admit, I was a little shocked because what was shown isn't something you see in your typical trip to the movie theater.

But then again, I had read the book, so what else was I expecting?

Overall, I would say that the movie had more of an effect on me than the book. I believe that actually seeing what Christian does to Anna on the big screen, compared to just reading it in the comfort of your own home, was a wild, and I'll admit, steamy experience.

While reading the book, I understood what he would do to her and left my virgin mind to play out how that would look. However, actually seeing it happen, intensified what I had previously read.

In the end, we all have our opinion on whether the book or movie was better.

I would say that they were both were really good.

Coming from a virgin's perspective, I advise to not be scared of the "Fifty Shades" phenomenon. The book and movie both have sexual (obviously) scenes that being a virgin is not used too. You will have to decide for yourself if it is something you will want to read or watch. I'd say: read it AND watch it!

Don't be scared, sex shouldn't be something to be scared of.

It's a part of life, whether it happens in your teen years or, if you're like me, when you're ready. (But, hopefully not when I'm 40.)

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