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Fight On The 405 Freeway Stopped Traffic After Truck Driver Threatened Commuter With Lead Pipe (VIDEO)

This should be a PSA on "why to avoid road rage." As the video above shows, you never really know who you're messing with.

One big rig driver's road rage led to a bloody fight in the middle of rush-hour traffic on the 405 freeway Tuesday around 5 p.m., ABC reports. His target? Someone who turned out to be a massive security guard. And the whole thing was caught on camera by another driver who pulled over.

The confrontation started on the 605 freeway and went to the 105 freeway before ending of the 405 freeway, according to ABC.

Richard Brun, a former security guard from Laguna Beach, Calif. was commuting when he said a truck driver threw a glass object at his car. Brun then called 911, but when the truck driver allegedly waved a lead pipe at him, Brun knew he had to do more.

Brun got out of his car to confront the furious truck driver. As you can see in the video above, Brun then proceeded to bring him back down to earth, to put it mildly.

"I was on survival mode. My whole life, I've put myself out there to protect my client and look out for the best interest of my client. Today, I was put to the test to look out for the best interest of myself," Brun said.

Officers eventually arrived and arrested the truck driver on assault charges.

California Highway Patrol officials back up the key points of Brun's story and said they were inundated with calls as the confrontation took place.

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