Fight not Unite

It is no secret that I did not like Hillary Clinton, and yet I voted for her.

I voted for her because for me it wasn’t a difference in policies, it wasn’t a divergence of opinions; it was the difference between allowing the KKK to re-emerge or not. It was the choice between showing my daughter that her life is just as important as her brothers’. It was about making a judgment call between hate and love, violence and peacefulness, acceptance and dissent. It was about humanity.

But now that humanity has lost, and we face a world where white supremacy is accepted, violence is encouraged and hate is the basis for human interaction, I choose to fight.

I will not unite, I will not heal. I will fight to the death for the principals of anti-racism, anti-fascism, diversity, acceptance, women rights, LGBT rights, immigrant rights, and anti-gun laws. I will fight all those who think that this planet belongs to them and plan to destroy it, as they fail to understand that they, in fact, belong to this planet.

I will not unite behind a shameful racist billionaire that calls on us to come together after he dissected this country, tearing apart humanity. I will not unite behind a misogynistic hypocrite testosterone dominated party that refused to cooperate with our President – and lets admit it – because he was black, and now asks me to stand with them.

I will not stand with a government that ignores its past and is ignorant enough to think that this country will be great without immigrants or diversity. I will not watch from the sidelines as the basic tenets of humanity are torn apart by sick men who believe that my place is at home because they are so afraid to discover that I am actually smarter and better than them at everything.

Donald Trump, who I will refuse to call President at all cost, has brought back the 1860s to the United States. This man-child has ascended from his repulsive golden cage with his dim gal to rein terror on human decency. He encourages ignorance and mocks intelligence. His simple skin-deep views and politics should be insulting to us all.

It is time for us to stand up and be counted against this evil empire that has sprung from within. We are the evil empire now. We are Germany of the 1930s, and if we have learned anything for this painful past, it is that now we need to FIGHT.

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