Fight With Clubs

Here comes the Goya-esque moment where the giants bludgeoning each other, stuck knee deep in sludge, begin to spatter the tiny people at their feet with blood, bile and bilge. While it's never a shock that as the tighter presidential candidates are squeezed the more their froth-flecked teeth are bared, one of the more outstanding phenomena of this historic election is the public's awakening from their tacit enslavement to the cycle of empty promises, button-pushing and Rovian dirty trickery that has come to define as "normal" the political process.

The feeling that the population has just come to after having ingested a roofie-laced order of Freedom Fries has gone viral, penetrating even the most traditionally impregnable strongholds. So obvious is it, that even those most adept at hurling invective-laced loogies are doing so with bewilderingly less commitment and a significant decrease in phlegm. It just ain't in 'em.

The blossoming list of lobbed charges from both sides are so lame and their blatantly partisan sources so easily discernible that it's almost as if the Old Guard has collected its booty in a stained pillow case and simply gone AWOL. The miasma has started to dissipate, replaced by an air of inevitability. When emails went out purporting to expose Obama's supposed anti-Semitic sentiments, even the most gullible balked at picking up their cue. A couple of Google clicks later and the source is easily traced to an ugly, little, far-right wanketorium masquerading as a conservative journal. Not a lot is finding purchase in the formerly fertile fields of fetid fibbery.

In the case of Obama's spreading appeal, the Spinderellas are at orange alert, taking beads on the candidate like the good soldiers they are. But every volley of vitriol seems to slow in midair and fall to the ground with a tinny clatter. BO seems to embody and espouse values that echo the feelings of what looks to be a vast majority of citizens who spy a light at the end of the Halliburton-constructed tunnel. Is he less experienced than Hillary? He certainly has demonstrated his ability to deal with a full steam Clinton machine, which has itself withstood repeated raging Repuglican onslaughts and is legendary for its deceptively drawling ferocity.

You can hear the whispered but nonetheless hate-filled rhetoric from the right's most vicious pander-pundits, scared half to death of color, creed and credibility. And the members of the Good Ol' Boys of The United States of America finally have to face the reality they've been dodging for years, face what comes to everyone and everything, both powerful and meek: The End.

You can see the fear (or is it humanity?) in Hillary's eyes as she and Bill grapple with the increasing possibility of defeat. She must know, brilliant and capable person that she is, that a neutron bomb of change is about to detonate, leaving only the hopeful, the daring and the forward-reaching standing.

Scary. But kinda thrilling, isn't it?