Fighting Cancer and Homelessness

Paul is homeless in Hollywood. We met in front of the CNN building where a group of homeless people gather outside to watch T.V. The T.V.s play audio outside and people watch the news, of course CNN. I think it's awesome and I was happy to hear the security guards are cool.

Paul is a cancer survivor, yet now has to fight for his life living on the streets of Los Angeles. He was in the hospital for over three months, and has now been homeless for four days. Paul has been sleeping at the Greyhound Bus Station downtown, but found the Hollywood Station to be a little friendlier. The hospital did send him to a mission downtown. But, after visiting, he didn't want to stay on Skid Row. I can't blame him. I made the same choice 15 years ago, and I think staying in Hollywood may have saved my life.

I have another homeless friend that is battling cancer and homelessness in Hollywood. I can't imagine fighting both cancer and homelessness.