'Figuring Color' Exhibition Puts Color In The Spotlight (PHOTOS)

A new exhibition gives color, so often viewed as part of an artwork's style, a chance to be treated as its substance. 'Figuring Color' explores the manifold ways color constructs our identities and communicates our emotions. The objects featured in the exhibition range from canvases emoting war to candy piles, but color gives each work pop, zest, and power.

According to the press release, here is a taste of what you can expect: "Using vibrant hues and a touch of humor, McMakin's fleshy chairs mimic the human form, Butterly's intricate ceramics are rich with bodily humor and desire, Gonzalez-Torres' installations of candy and plastic beads abstractly evoke physical absence and presence, and Williams' electrifying canvases convey the viscera of war and politics."

The exhibition will illuminate color's impressive ability to communicate, from our mood to our nationality. It asks viewers to examine how color can be manipulated and how it can be exalted.

'Figuring Color' will show at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston from February 17 to May 20.

Figuring COlor