Film: Mexico Project Preview

Over the years of building Apolis, my brother Raan and I have become more and more aware that one of our greatest strengths is scaling artisan groups:

We have decided to lead the charge on a new way of working with our partners around the world by inviting everyone in on the process, the people creating, and the economics involved. We know it is a huge risk to change the rules but we also know we can't change the game if we are not in it.

On October 6th, Apolis will begin a partnership with crowd funding platform Indiegogo to create the world's first designer and artisan collaboration marketplace called Global Citizen Exchange. We are calling this marketplace "Global Citizen Exchange" because we want to connect individuals from all walks of life with the dream of re-thinking how we buy and sell products.

We started by imagining a platform that could benefit everyone in the supply chain. We discovered that it starts with the people who choose what we buy and sell - you. And if you are anything like us, you make your decisions based on design being the most important. So to make this simple, we believe good design - from the product design to the supply chain design - can solve, not marginally sustain, but SOLVE human and environmental problems within our lifetime.

From October 6th-November 12th, we are looking forward to sharing the first of many examples of how products can address social & environmental problems. After editing through what seemed like endless hours of footage from the last year of traveling through Mexico, we're looking forward to introducing you to our new friends in Oaxaca that are incredibly passionate about the work they do every day as one of the last remaining glassblowing studios in Mexico.

We are so privileged to release an inspiring story about a community of new friends and our immediate solution to help them preserve a forgotten art form.