Film Review: 'The Preppie Connection'

This is Lyons Den, I'm Jeffrey Lyons looking at The Preppie Connection, based on a true story.

Thomas Mann plays a scholarship student at a nearby posh Connecticut prep school, living at home, but trying to fit in with the trust fund snobs he secretly hates. He makes the fateful decision to become the campus coke connection, even traveling to Colombia, where a schoolmates' family lives, scoring huge quantities of the deadly white powder, all to the delight of his classmates who he deludes himself into thinking they're his friends.

Costarred is Lucy Fry, an intriguing actress who here plays the impossible blonde love object. The preppy actors are also well cast, especially Logan Huffman, your typical stuck up rich slacker. Lest you think you've seen these characters before, director and co-screenwriter Joseph Castelo has imbued them with backstories and depth, so The Preppie Connection, fraught with danger, is an edgy drama and an effective cautionary tale well worth seeing.

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