Film Workshop Teaches Movie Making to Adults With Developmental Disabilities

Inclusion Films is a vocational program designed to provide adults with developmental disabilities entry-level working experience in film production. Inspired by actor/producer/director Joey Travolta, Inclusion Films Practical Workshop is the product of a seasoned film and TV pro who wanted to share his passion, skills and knowledge to help individuals with developmental disabilities get started in the industry. When working at Inclusion Films, students go beyond the classroom. With instruction that offers students a real-world experience, they are able to work for a real production company as well as become more independent, self-confident and well-rounded individuals.

We sat down with Joey Travolta to learn more about his story, uncover how he started his mission, and what Inclusion Films aims to accomplish with all of their employees from pitch to post. We also met two students in the Inclusion Films program to learn their stories and hear more about the progress they have made while in the program.

This HooplaHa Original was produced by Inclusion Films and their workshop students. Want more HooplaHa Originals? Check out our YouTube channel -- and don't forget to smile!