'Filmed In Prague' Instagram Pulls Back Curtain On Movie Scenes In Czech Republic

The account features shots from films including "EuroTrip," "Van Helsing" and "Mission: Impossible."

An Instagram account is taking movie scenes filmed in Prague and re-creating them in a quirky way.

The Filmed in Prague feed shows snapshots from film scenes held in front of the actual Czech Republic buildings and landmarks featured in them. The account features images from movies including “Amadeus” (1984), “Mission: Impossible” (1996), “EuroTrip” (2004), “Van Helsing” (2004) and “The Illusionist” (2006). 

The account is run by Musa Bektaş, who is currently interning in Prague. He said he was inspired to do this project after realizing how many movies were shot in the city.

“Prague always amazed me with architecture and city itself and I started to think what can I do. I’ve come across that many movies were shooting in the city. One of them was the ‘Edmond’ which gives me the idea of this project,” he told HuffPost via email.

You can see what he shot from the “Edmond” set below: 

“I wanted to show Prague to people using movies and scenes,” he said, noting that many films are shot in the city even if their storylines take place in other locations. “I wanted to show the truth and make people see Prague with different eyes.”

Bektaş said he chose Instagram as his medium because he doesn’t have much time for the project, but he may expand to Flickr or Pinterest in the future.

He said his favorite of the films that he’s captured is “The Illusionist.” At first, he didn’t realize the movie was shot in Prague. When Bektaş later found out it was, he was surprised to learn the theater where Eisenheim (Edward Norton) performs is very close to where Bektaş works.

This isn’t Bektaş′ only city-centric photography project. He previously put together a set of images from Istanbul called “Istanbul Day and Night.”