Filming A 'Fast & Furious' Scene Is Crazier Than You Thought

This IRL footage proves it.

"Fast & Furious" movies are an explosion of fireballs, insane stunts, high-speed chases and occasionally crazy crashes.

While CGI is often used in the franchise, the "before" sequences shot for the movie are nearly just as incredible when viewing them in real life. We know this because Justin King, a senior producer for, tweeted out a shot of the crew filming "Fast 8," and it looks crazy (the actual video was shot by Kasey Crabtree and you can view it here).

The clip starts off focusing on a helicopter that heads toward the camera, followed by a few shooting sounds and cars falling out of what looks like a parking garage. Screaming ensues and fireballs explode as other cars drive into the plume of smoke, while the helicopter flies overhead.

As King pointed out in his tweet, it would be pretty crazy to see this and not know that a movie was being filmed.

The new film in the series comes out April 14, 2017 with two notable cast additions -- Scott Eastwood and Oscar winner Charlize Theron. View the video below for a first look at Theron's new character:

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