NY Filmmaker Finds Canister Of Film In Blizzard, Makes Video

Filmmaker Todd Bieber was looking for adventure. So he took out his old skis and went skiing in Prospect Park after the 2010 blizzard. Along the way, he found a tiny white canister of film in the middle of the snow. Instead of leaving it there to freeze in obscurity, he developed all the pictures and made this video in hopes of finding the owners of the photos (which are all very impressive).

Going through the pictures turns out to be a rather odd and funny exploration. Bieber names each photo, tries to find meaning in them, maybe glean the personality of the owners. "I like these people. I can see them being adventure buddies, or something." All he knows is they don't look American, and maybe are Belgian ("they have a Europe look to them").

WATCH, and help identify the people in the photographs