Filmmaker Jonathan Britnell Captures A Second A Day For An Entire Year In '2012. 366 Days. 366 Seconds' (VIDEO)

New Year's resolutions mostly dissolve by the end of spring, but we found one young filmmaker who stuck to his goal the entire year, and the result is both impressive and inspiring. In 2012, Jonathan Britnell wanted to add a dose of creativity to his daily routine, even if just for a moment. He shot one second of footage a day for an entire year, combining them to create the short film titled, "2012. 366 days. 366 seconds."

This reminded us of LA resident Madeline Schichtel's earlier project; she made a video snapshot of her year in "This Is What Madeline Did In 2011." As a professional filmmaker, though, Britnell has glossier footage at his disposal, backed by the infectious song "Thunder Clatter" by Wild Cub.

Britnell explained his method in a phone conversation with the Huffington Post:

"I wanted to force myself to be creative every day, even if it was something little."

Breaking the humongous project into more manageable bites must have helped, because Britnell never missed a day of filming. "Every seven days throughout the year I would post seven seconds of footage; certain weeks may have had a theme but not all of them," the filmmaker said.

Now that 2012 is over, we asked him if has any big resolutions for the new year. His reply: "I don't know, but I am definitely not doing this again!"

See the most viral videos of 2012 below and let us know if you kept last year's new year's resolution in the comments section.

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