FILMMAKER SPOTLIGHT: 'Mugabe And The White African,' Co-Directed By Lucy Bailey And Andrew Thompson

WHO: Filmmakers Lucy Bailey and Andrew Thompson

WHAT: Mugabe and the White African

WHEN: New York, from July 23, 2010. Los Angeles, from August 13, 2010

Cinema Village
22 E. 12th Street
New York, NY 10003

Laemmle Music Hall
11523 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90025

Mugabe and the White African

WHY: Mugabe and the White African chronicles the story of Mike Campbell - a 'white African' - and his courageous lawsuit against Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe. In a recent email interview, filmmakers Lucy Bailey and Andrew Thompson said they were inspired by "this one farmer who was prepared to stand up to Mugabe." Passionate about telling an incredible and otherwise untold story, Bailey and Thompson risked everything in the making of this film. "The logistics of filming illegally in Zimbabwe were particularly difficult. We had to smuggle ourselves and our equipment into the country, we had to... take calculated risks all the time." Their risks were well worth it, though - the film is a harrowing account of the Campbells and their unparalleled, singular fight against a dictator and his injustices.

Open already in New York and tomorrow in Los Angeles, Mugabe and the White African, has thus far been received well. Bailey and Thompson have been "delighted by the reception the film has had, particularly with African audiences who really get the fact [that it] is about about human rights, the rule of law, and democracy for all, no matter what color skin."

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