'Filner Blurred Lines' Video Parody By U-T TV Sparks Journalism Debate

WATCH: News Org's Parody Calls Scandal-Ridden Mayor 'Terriiiiiiifying'

"Mayor Filner you are terriiiiiiifying," a parody music video of San Diego's scandal-ridden Mayor Bob Filner declares.

Over a dozen women have accused Filner of sexual harassment, and many politicians have called for his resignation. Although Filner apologized for his inappropriate behavior and briefly attended "intensive therapy," he denies any acts of sexual harassment and has refused to resign.

The video was created by U-T TV, a San Diego news station affiliate for newspaper U-T San Diego.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the video parody of Filner has sparked some anger in the journalism world, with one news competitor going so far as to call the video "vapid and embarrassing."

Others questioned the credibility of a news organization that would post a video with lyrics such as "That man is not our mayor" and "It makes us vomit."

Some commenters argued that female anchors were disrespected in the video, while others suggested that the changed lyrics were empowering. U-T San Diego even chimed in on the thread: “We are just trying to entertain with this video. That's all!”

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