Fin Out if You Are A Real Mermaid With This Fairytail

A mermaid exists in her full magical beauty.

No matter what others think they see.

A mermaid holds the vastness of the oceans and the universe within her,

and is at home in the beautiful depths as she is on land.

A mermaid is water

but water is not her.


She adores and beholds

the structures and spaces

of what is solid,

and flows around,


and below

what obstructs

her way.

A mountain does not

always has to be


It can be a part

of the background scenery

to be enjoyed.

She flows down from the peak,

bringing with her,

a knowing of the lay of the land, and makes her way to the ocean,

providing a source of home and sustenance for those who need her,

not by giving, but by being.

Flowers bloom where she goes,

and the hardest rock has made room for her

beneath the surface of what we can see,

as she steadily flows and moves always knowing where her source is,

always knowing where she is going,

no matter the meanders and the canyons and the harshest sun:

she makes her way home to the boundless ocean.


A mermaid is at one with her surroundings,

but her surroundings do not engulf her:

she is not defined by her environment.

Her natural magic cannot help

but emerge from within her depths,

her expression and freely being nourishes

and uplifts those around her without effort.

A mermaid is a magical creature

and also able to connect.

communicate and play with humans,

opening up new worlds of possibility

that they were not aware of.

And yet she does not take it all too seriously

for life can be a fun frolic with much beauty to appreciate.

She knows this time of rest and play

is more than simply lovely:

it is from this place

where she will get the best

ideas and inspirations for whatever she seeks answers to.

A mermaid is at her most enchanting best, when she feels

wild and free to swim in all her glory.

xo and splashes,

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Candace Loy is a water baby, who aligned her life to live, learn and play ocean.

She is currently based in New Zealand, working on sustainable seafood research, and also helping mermaids at heart to create fun, fulfilling and joyful lives through self-care, journaling journeys, and one-of-a-kind ocean adventure and creative retreats.

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