'Final Fantasy VII' Remake Is Coming To PlayStation 4

Time flies.

More than 18 years after "Final Fantasy VII" debuted on the original Sony PlayStation, a modern remake is coming to PlayStation 4, developer Square Enix announced at a Sony press conference Monday night.

The original game has sold more than 9 million copies since its Japanese debut in early 1997. It proved so popular that it got a straight-to-DVD feature film sequel called "Advent Children," a prequel video game for the PlayStation Portable called "Crisis Core," and plenty of other spinoff titles.

Fans have clamored for a remake for newer systems since at least 2005, when the game's iconic opening sequence was used to showcase the then-upcoming PlayStation 3 hardware.

The "'Final Fantasy VII" trailer, embedded above and available here, says the game will be available "first" on PlayStation 4, suggesting a possible release on other platforms.