Melissa Etheridge Responds to Guitarist Phil Keaggy: "I am So Sorry That the Quote in Rolling Stone Made it Sound Homophobic"

Rocker Melissa Etheridge has responded exclusively to the Huffington Post regarding comments attributed to her in Rolling Stone about guitar virtuoso Phil Keaggy. Etheridge had quoted Keaggy, one of the top guitarists in the world, who was once a mainstay in the Christian rock world as saying she had opened for Keaggy in the 80's and that he had discouraged her from entering the Christian music industry. Keaggy responded to Etheridge through this blog here.

Now Etheridge sets the record straight telling this blog:

"My experience with Phil Keaggy was a wonderful one. I do not believe he meant that Christian music would not have wanted me because I was gay, I believe he meant that I was too powerful for that genre. I am so sorry that the quote in Rolling Stone made it sound homophobic. I wish Phil and his family the best. He is an incredibly talented guitar player and I am honored to have shared the stage with him."