Finally: A Handy Nutritional Guide to Fair Food [Infographic]

You may want to avert your eyes.
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In 2010, President Barack Obama signed a legislation requiring restaurant chains with 20 or more outlets to show calorie counts next to food items on menus and menu boards. Despite the health law, most local county fairs fail to display nutritional information -- probably because they don't want to scare off customers with the calorie-packed truth, and many booths simply aren't under the jurisdiction of that law.

Thus, we're left to guess at how many calories deep-fried Oreos contain, and how much sodium a giant Turkey leg is coated with (1,900 milligrams). Thanks to this colorful new photo-infographic, we're now privy to the nutritional makeup of some of the most popular food items available on this summer's fair circuit:


Infographic via Rasmussen College

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