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Finally! A Ringtone for the Rick Steves Traveler

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Going to the big travel shows around the USA (Chicago and Dallas the last two weekends, LA and the Bay Area coming up), I meet lots of enthusiastic travelers who throw clever suggestions my way. One traveler just suggested that we offer a ringtone featuring the theme music of my public television show. Why not? It's free and available right now for anyone who can't stop dreaming about their travels. Enjoy.

Even if you're not using Rikstelefon, you can use Riksrington.

1. Download the Rick Steves Europe iPhone Ringtone by right-clicking on this M4R file and saving it to your computer. (Using a Mac? Instead of right-clicking the link, you will hold down the control key while clicking the link.)
2. Using a USB cord, connect your iPhone to iTunes.
3. Double-click the downloaded Rick Steves Europe iPhone Ringtone file to open it in iTunes. It will be placed in iTunes under the Tones tab.
4. Drag and drop the ringtone from the Tones tab to your iPhone and then open your phone in iTunes. The new ringtone will appear in the Tones tab for your phone.
5. Make sure that the "sync ringtones" checkbox is checked. Sync your phone. (Note: If you do not want to add every song and video in your iTunes library to your iPhone, please read about limited iTunes syncing.)
6. On your iPhone, select the new Rick Steves Europe ringtone in Settings > Sounds > Ringtones.

Android Device
1. Download the Rick Steves Europe Android Ringtone by right-clicking on this MP3 file and saving it to your computer.
2. Connect your Android to your computer using a USB cable. Set the phone to connect as a Disk Drive.
3. Open the file folder for your Android and look for a folder labeled "ringtones". If it does not exist, create one now.
4. Drag the Rick Steves Europe Android Ringtone file to the "ringtones" folder. Safely remove the phone and physically disconnect it to complete the transfer.
5. On your device, open Settings > Sound & Display > Phone Ringtone, and choose the new Rick Steves Europe ringtone.

If you require additional assistance, please refer to the user manual for your device.