It Took A Disaster-Ridden Trump Presidency But Finally, Progressives Bite Back

It took the complete and total disaster scenario of a Trump presidency and the worst cabinet in American history (and that’s with only about 5 percent of the 690 he needs to pick) — but it is finally happening: progressives are biting back.

“Coyote Medicine,” that’s the term circulating amongst some who have long felt breaking out of the status quo would require breaking the system completely. Although I tend to be more of an optimist, perhaps they are right.

<strong>Coyote medicine</strong> is when something that is wrong, backward, or hurtful is actually a healing lesson according
Coyote medicine is when something that is wrong, backward, or hurtful is actually a healing lesson according to William L. Simon.

Progressive thinkers whether the self-identify under the term “moderate,” “independent” or “Democrat” have been on the losing end of a very aggressive war, a war in which progressives have been poorly fighting with slow politics and process, logic and facts, too much hemming and hawing and fragmentation amongst interest groups.

Meanwhile, Republicans have been sharpening their teeth, cleaning their guns and getting in the mud with gerrymandering re-districting, vicious take-no-prisoners attacks, lies and manipulation and most importantly, a massively successful propaganda war. All while cleverly keeping their own fragmented special interest groups under the same umbrella. Be clear, they do have the same fragmented interest groups like the war hawks, fiscal conservatives, evangelical Christians, Neo-right and gun nuts; however, the GOP simply pivots their message, catering to each whenever one gets their eagled feathers ruffled.

I have long wondered when the middle, left of center and far left would ever get off the moral high ground and fight this fight like our lives depend on it. Because they do.

It looks like the time has come and thank the universal god that loves all his children, Black, White, Latino and Asian.

In just one week, Democrats have brought the claws out for the senate confirmation hearings, annihilating one ridiculous cabinet pick after another. In case you missed it: Senator Bernie Sanders slayed Representative Tom Price of Georgia, picked to be health secretary, “No, we’re not a compassionate society! In terms of our relationship to poor and working people, our record is worse than virtually any other country on earth. We have the highest rate of childhood poverty of any other major country on earth. And half of our senior, older workers have nothing set aside for retirement. So I don’t think, compared to other countries, we are particularly compassionate.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren Warren skewered education secretary pick Betsy DeVos in a scathing letter saying her only experience with education was her “deep record of political activism, bankrolling and lobbying for policies” she supported. “There is no precedent for an Education Department secretary nominee with your lack of experience in public education,” Warren continued, adding, “As such, your nomination provides the Senate and the public with few clues about your actual policy positions on a host of critical issues.”

And even my local Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley has taken to Twitter to rail against the woefully unqualified cabinet picks and tweeting directly to the new POTUS mere hours after taking his oath of office.

.@POTUS: a #SwampCabinet of billionaires, big oil and big banks does not = #WeThePeople. — Senator Jeff Merkley (@SenJeffMerkley) January 20, 2017

Journalists, another group under attack by the Trump regime, came out swinging this week with the editor of the Columbia Journalism Review, presumably speaking for the entire press corps, publishing an impressively strong open letter to Trump saying, “We Will Set Rules, Not You.”

And last but far from least, women and our feminist brethren all over the world are uniting in solidarity against the entire administration and the Republican agenda to take away a woman’s right to control her own reproductive health. As one young woman masterfully tweeted:

I’ve never been more prepared to #MarchOnWashington #WomensMarch #womensrights #IStandWithPP #LGBT — Krissy Juliet (@Krissy_Juliet) January 10, 2017

All of these moments are indicators of a beast that has been awoken amongst those who are or care about American citizens other than the greedy, swindling 1 percent and the white male antiquated southern stuck-in-Civil-War-time mentality voters.

Now, that we are apparently ready to actually fight for our futures, who will become our leader? Who has the ability to unite our factions? Who has the ability to develop the master narrative necessary to overcome the propaganda war, a war who has turned too many of the poor and working class into voters against their better interests? Whomever it is, you have an army waiting to be led. It’s time to lead and it’s time to fight fire with fire.

What do you think? Should Democrats, Moderates and Progressives take the gloves off? Personally, I’d rather win and save the planet from certain destruction than lose and keep our side of the street clean. What’s the point if the world goes to hell in a hand basket?