Finally, The 12 Toughest Decisions by George W. Bush

Former President George W. Bush was in Calgary this week, in his first foreign visit as a former head of state. There, he announced the subject of the book he will be writing. It's about the 12 toughest decisions he made in office.

Title suggestions? "I Was The Decider." "War and Piece" or "If I Did It: The Bush Presidency".

Here's a cheat before the book is written. The 12 toughest decisions by George Bush:

1. The blue tie or red tie?

2. Should I defer to Rove or to Cheney?

3. Should my vacation be a long stay at Crawford or longer stay at Crawford?

4. Who to help, cronies or friends?

5. Plural of child, "childrens" or "childs"?

6. Pretzel, hard or soft?

7. Pretzel, chew or inhale?

8. Bill of Rights, annoying or stupid?

9. Over easy or over medium?

10. Katrina, wait or sit it out?

11. Should I defer to Rove or to Cheney?

12. The striped tie or the solid tie?