Unexpected Ways To Find Your Ancestors

You might have resisted the pull until now, but admit it. You're starting to develop a hankering to look into your roots, aren't you? Maybe it was that episode of "Who Do You Think You Are?" that made you ponder about your own Italian great-grandfather, maybe it was your son's family tree homework assignment, or maybe it was that co-worker bragging about being related to Jesse James, but now you've got a bit of an itch to take peek into your past.

Perhaps I can ease you along your learning curve so you can make that incredible discovery a tad faster. As an avid genealogist since the sixth grade, I've learned a few tricks when it comes to finding ancestors who stubbornly refuse to come out of hiding, and in this slideshow, I'd like to share advice featuring examples from some of the investigatory adventures featured in my new book, "Hey, America, Your Roots Are Showing" [Citadel, $15.95].