16 Ways To Find Your Vacation Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

16 Ways To Find Your Vacation Boyfriend (Or Girlfriend)

Vacations can save a failing relationship. They can prove that a strong relationship isn't going to work. Or, they can ignite an entirely new and sizzling romance.

Find a flirtatious fling on your next getaway.

1. Do something crazy.
Like zip lining. Or cliff jumping. Or Scuba. Nothing serves as a bonding point like adrenaline.

2. Bring a floaty.
You know, one of those cool raft-y ones for the pool, or a giant blow-up unicorn. Instant conversation starter.

3. Talk to the lifeguards.
They actually live here, so they have friends. And a social schedule.

4. Ask questions.
You know, like "where are your swim trunks from?" Or "have you hit up the massage hut lately?" Or "wanna play with that volleyball?" We're all on vacation, and we're all looking for people to hang out with-- it only takes a little breaking of the ice.

5. Roll deep.
When you hit the cafe or venture down to the beach, bring your friends... or your siblings... or whoever's around. When looking for a love interest, it's much easier for a group of friends to approach a group of friends than for lone wolves to approach each other.

6. Cut the alcohol intake.
Don't be that vacation girl or guy, and you'll be instantly more attractive to your fellow travelers.

7. Pass notes on the plane.
Make your move early, and make it bold-- pass a cheerful origami hello to someone who looks alluring.

8. Ask someone to reach your shoulders with the sunscreen.
Oldest trick in the book.

9. Look interesting.
Like wear a hula skirt, or one of those T-shirts with the bikinis on them. Or maybe a lobster hat.

10. Stay in touch.
It's not weird to ask the cute person in the jacuzzi what they're doing tonight and then actually text them. Everybody on vacation is in a new place, and they'll want to hang out ASAP.

11. Make the lobby bar your bar.
It's the perfect place to gaze over the hotel's comings and goings, and you'll have time to dive into conversation while that special someone waits for their room to be ready.
lobby bar

12. Work on your fitness.
Hotel gyms are teensy, which means there's bound to be some banter.

13. Participate in tourism.
Those instructional safety videos you have to watch before Jet Skiing are sooo cheesy, right? ...you'll never get to ask a hottie that question if you don't get off the lounge chair and into local activities.

14. Post up by the pool.
It's where people hang out. 'Nuff said.

15. Hang with your parents.
They're embarrassing, to be sure. But sometimes they've got just the right amount of unabashed pushiness that will perfectly maneuver you into conversation with the cutie at the bar.

16. Pretend your sunglasses sank to the bottom of the pool. Then, once he or she comes to help, reveal that you did not, in fact, lose your sunglasses.
If you think you've truly spotted your future vacation boyfriend across the swim-up bar, and if all other options fail, just go for the cheap shot.

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