Find New Age Mailing Solutions With Hiver

Are you new to email management? Does the term sound totally new to you? Then consider yourself lucky because you have reached right place to find all the answers.

In simple words, a shared mailbox is something that can be used to send and read electronic mails.

This part is no different than any other email service, but it is about answering and monitoring mails on time by anyone in the loop (as it is a common or shared mailbox that can be accessed by a group of people).

In this case, the message will appear to have been sent from that particular group and not by an individual. Hiver is one of the shared mailbox service providers that brings all these features into the picture.

Features of Hiver, the shared mailbox

This service has a lot of features that are yet to be discovered. Rest assured, this post is not spinning stories about them, but presenting what they are all about. Not much has been stated about this esteemed shared mailbox service provider.

Here is a list of features that potential users can look into to give them a consideration:

1. Easy Access - Users can view their mails from Gmail accounts right away. This indicates that reading and retrieving emails from a simple application is not as difficult as it might seem to be.

2. Templates - Yes, users of Hiver can use email templates which makes their life easy. This can save time and effort of composing an email without a doubt.

3. Assign emails - One can even assign emails to teams for various purposes to ensure smooth functioning. This could be done just the way someone would be sending a mail.

4. Better communication - Can share notes through emails to teammates to make error free communication.

5. Install - Installation and implementation of Hiver is an effortless task. Moreover, it comes with its own Chrome extension version which makes it undemanding.

6. Security - Another thing would be that a shared mailbox needs permission to access. This for sure can keep the mailbox as well as the confidentiality of a business secured, which should be taken as a blessing. So, it is like lesser chances of security breach and more of peace of mind.

Benefits of a shared mailbox

Services like Hiver can boost any business because it makes them look like an authority. It adds gravity to any business and helps them automate menial things. Additionally, companies can also supervise leaves, holidays and vacations of their employees in a comprehensive manner. Of course, there is more to the benefits of using a shared mailbox like the following:

  • It organizes a mailbox
  • Helps in maintaining productivity
  • Helps customers to get in touch with one single point of contact (SPOC)
  • Adds to transparency of a business
  • Helps a business to get more responsive
  • Business houses can divide workload when needed

Who is it for?

This is primarily for small businesses that usually do not want to create a big budget to appoint customer service teams. However, even big businesses can opt for this facility because it can effectively cut down on their expenses.

Who doesn’t like that?

So, it would be right to say that small and big businesses, bloggers, individual website owners and anyone who wants to establish a brand can use this service.

Using a shared mailbox also shows that you have a professional approach and you take your work, blog, website or ecommerce seriously.

Pricing & purchase details

This has to be the Unique Selling Point of Hiver because they offer a 14 day free trial.

Yes, they have a free basic plan and 3 real users can use it. To top this up, they have a plan that users can customize as per their requirements. They also have plans as low as $14 and $22 per user/month..

Now, this is a beat and no other service provider would go to this extent for sure.


  • Hiver makes businesses more efficient
  • It has flexible plans that can fit into any specification
  • Free plan makes it easier to take a call
  • Easy to track conversations
  • It is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee


To be honest, the biggest problem of a shared mailbox is that it cannot be operated via mobile phones and devices. Talking about working on the same issue by multiple employees is something that should not be addressed by the provider as it is not their problem to solve.

The point is this should be internally handled and sorted out and needed high level of communication between a team before shooting a mail and sometimes that may create some problem. Apart from this, there is hardly anything more to be reported that could go against it.

Similar Products

Yes, there is lot of competition in this line of work too! You would have come across names like Front, Zendesk and Helpmonks to name a few. They are equally viable options, but none have a free plan like Hiver for sure.

This makes this company authentic because they want their customer to try their services for free till the time they realize the importance their assistance.

Final Opinion

You may be new to this system, but Hiver is not and with 6 years of experience in this line of work, they have already established themselves as market leaders. You should realize that this is not a collaborative service (it is just a shared mailbox service).

It is a means to work together and there should be a system in place to do the rest. With competitive packages and one of the few services that allows free plans, Hiver has time and again proven themselves to deserve all the laurels.

If you would like to increase your productivity with this quintessential tool, you can install Hiver for Gmail here.

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