Find the Time

There are days when we just can't get out of bed. The very thought of facing the day ahead of us seems daunting. Shoulders ache, eyes droop and we just hope for some divine intervention to see us through the day. One of the reasons could be that we are physically unwell, afflicted by some ailment or a bug. The other is monotony. We don't have something exciting to look forward to and even if we make it to the workplace our performance is average or worse. Humans are intelligent beings. What it means is our brain is wired to respond positively to something new and challenging than doing the same thing day after day. But not everyone can do something innovative or challenging consistently. Or can they?

We all are bound to do something repetitive maybe as part of our professional commitment, to help us maintain control over our finances or responsibility towards family. This is quite acceptable. Perhaps it is due to lack of adequate education which might open more doors to something creative than repetitive. Or we might be downright lazy. Loving the bubble we are living in as we watch life pass by without making any difference either to ourselves or to others.

Is this what we really want? To be just another employee code, social security number or live one disappointingly nondescript life? Do you wish to be recognized or identified only as someone's child/ spouse/ parent/sibling or you wish to have an identity of your own? What are you doing purely for yourself? What are you passionate about? Something that gives you a sense of pleasure and purpose in life. Something which makes you happy. Let us not resort to "I am too swamped to think of anything else" or "How can I do something for myself while trying to keep two odd jobs and making ends meet?" or "I have too many responsibilities." Believe me there is always choice and time.


I have this ardent desire to write fiction; something that I have never done before. I am pursuing this for quite a while. I don't know how soon I will be able to complete my first book but I devote whatever free time is available going after the wish with fervor. Each day I look forward to inching closer to my dream. This is what I do completely for myself which keeps me engaged and cheerful.

Try this. Every day ask yourself at the least once "What am I doing for myself, for making my life more meaningful and improving my condition?" The beauty of our life especially now is the vast opportunities that are lying in every nook and cranny waiting to be found and harnessed. There is always time. The moment we start thinking for ourselves, we can find the time because we start making that time. One of my greatest inspirations is J. K. Rowling. She mentioned in Very Good Lives that she held a day job while writing her first Harry Potter book. She did not come from a privileged background nor had the latest voice recognition software to write her book. She persisted with whatever resource at hand and rest is for the world to witness.


We need to start talking to ourselves. I mean in the healthy sense. When we start spending those few moments with our thoughts an entirely new world opens up for us. Switch off the mobile and shut the TV or music system. Find a peaceful corner in your house, a bench in the park or even on a roof top. Sit down and watch your breathe for 5 minutes as your body calms down and your monkey mind settles. Maybe watch your breathe for few more minutes because the mind may not settle so soon unless you consistently practice meditation. Finding what you truly like or a passion that drives you will take time. You can't expect to figure out everything out in a jiffy. Spend time with yourself, few moments of pure solitude, unadulterated by external noise. Once in the zone try to figure out precisely what are you doing with your life and why? Try to be as specific as possible.


What is it that appeals to your inner self and you would like to do? Are you equipped for that or do you need some additional skills before you pursue your larger goal? How do you think you should go about it? Let's say you love baking and would like to setup your own cake shop. What would you like to serve in the cake shop? Are you skilled enough to whip up a range of cakes and pastries or your only specialty is a carrot cake? Who will be buying your stuff? How do you intend to run the shop? Are you good with numbers to work out the economics of the business? Do you need to go for a small skill enhancement program to get you're a game up?

As we start focusing on ourselves and what truly motivates us, we become happier and inventive. There is something exciting to look forward to each day. And we try to sneak every free minute into doing something worthwhile instead of being listless or wallowing in self pity. Get out of the rut, motivate yourself and do something to make a difference in your life.

Find the time for yourself.

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