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Play, Experiment, Find Your Passion (Mine's Thai Cooking)

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Today is all about playing and experimenting... I just made this...


It's a Thai red curry with chicken -- and peppers (cos that's what was in the fridge) -- with added chili, garlic and kaffir lime leaves (is there a better smell in the world?).

The experimentation came in the sauce -- this is made with almond milk rather than coconut milk -- as I'm playing with ideas and substitutes whilst creating The Tiniest Thai diet.

Firstly, it was delicious! It works! I'll be sharing soon.

Secondly... this playing and having fun with my passion for cooking and Thai cooking and creating my diet and eating plan... well, that's the MOST important thing.

Just a few short years ago, I didn't even know what my passion was, what I loved doing. It seems incredible now, but the days just went by, me getting through them, thinking that's just how it was.

Work, hard work, a bit of TV, a bit of reading, a bit of chatting to friends, some going to the pub or for dinner. But it seems somehow surreal now looking back EVEN THOUGH THAT WAS MY LIFE FOR SO LONG... what did I talk about? think about?

WHY didn't I have specific goals and passions?

WHY was I drifting through my life -- not entirely happy -- instead of actively creating it?

I'm glad, beyond glad, that I "woke up." And the point at which I woke up was horrible yes. An awful job with the most insane stressful horrible culture.

I'm glad I was there. I'm glad it was the straw that broke the camel's back. I'm glad I had been in a pretty difficult and dark place anyway and then went that extra step to rock bottom... because for me, I didn't break down.

I finally stood up.

I came to that point where I finally said NO. This is NOT happening. I WILL NOT let this continue.

And right there and then, without a job to go to, I found my self esteem, self worth, self love -- I think for the first time ever with such certainly -- and stood up and said NO. I gave in my notice.
I didn't know what I was going to do -- only that I was going to find out what I wanted to do.
That was the beginning of consciously creating my life. Finding time, making time, for the things that really matter to me. Making it happen. Prioritising it.

And three years later, it's why I'm here playing with and experimenting with recipes.
Because that's what I want to do and love to do.

(I'm actually pretty excited about how good the almond milk substitute for coconut milk turned out.)

If you're drifting through, rather than actively deciding on your life, I can only say... DON'T.

Find what you love. Experiment until you find it.

And if I can ever help or you want to talk about it, I'm here. Comment below.

I'm as passionate about sharing how important it is to FIND your passion as I am about the smell of kaffir lime leaves and Thai food, promise.


ps. Want to cook Thai food but think you need a cupboard full of specialist ingredients? You don't. Here's my list of the 9 readily available items you do need. Right HERE.