Find Your Unique Flow

Find Your Unique Flow
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The soft pink and yellow pastels of the west sky at sunrise bring out the deep blue of the ocean and the bright green of the lawns. The colors playfully dance with the wind and the daily Sun's journey across the sky. Ah, the serene pleasures of early July on a Rhode Island shore. No internet. Just treasured time alone and wonderful conversations with a friend. Communion with Nature: the rocks on the beach, the soothing sound of the ocean waves throughout the day, refreshing wind tossing my hair and caressing my face. Old wooden houses. Rock fences. Remnants of splendidly designed gardens. Delightful aroma of wild roses and elder in bloom. The welcoming shade of the privet trees. Summertime, and yes, the living seems easier. Away from the hustle and bustle of a big city. Away from the ugliness of a marriage in ruins. Away, away from people, drained of human softness. Away from the dark empire of impersonal mores.

Summer is the time to let go of tight schedules, and... to slow down. The high Sun invites us to step out of the artificial cubicles, and to soak in the beauty of Nature. Allow the Light to shine through your inner chambers. Let it enter into the most remote dungeons of your Soul. Ask the forces of Light and Love to dissolve your fears, negativity, darkness. May the summer breezes clear away the lingering debris of past sorrows and old pain. Open your wounds to the healing warmth, which is Love.


Each day, each week, each month, each season breathes in its own unique way. And each one of us has our own very individual pattern of breathing, of flowing through life. Then there is the artificial stream of ever faster, and thus denser influx of materialistic forces, supported by social restrictions and riding on technological advances. One of the tasks we have as human beings is to find the harmonious balance among the materialistic, soulful, and spiritual forces.

Quantum physics informs us that the denser the matter, the faster its particles are moving. We are all made of the same particles. Hence, the faster our pace of life, the denser the energy around us, calcifying into lumps, narrowing the veins, crumbling the nerves.

Human body is mainly made of water, teaching us that our native energy signature is fluidity. If we slow down too much, we disappear into spiritual vapors, and can't accomplish the work in the physical realm. If we live too fast, we densify into ice, and can't move at all.

We need to find the balanced flow of healthy waters, gently caressing the Earth and joyfully communicating with the Air.

Animals are bound to Earth; angels float in the Air. Plants are connecting the depths and heights vertically. Human beings embody all these aspects, but add the horizontal flow of water. We carry the cross of spirit and matter in us, enlivened by the soulful circle of radiant flowers in our hearts.

Over to you, dear Soulful Reader:
How do you find your unique harmonious flow in life?

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